Dangerfield Online was formed in 2008 as an impartial IT professional services organisation that complements clients with expertise to help them maximise the success of their projects.

We believe that information and technology in organisations should support the people and business goals, and we provide services to help achieve that. For that reason we have kept ourselves independent from any external influence, be it vendors, alliance partners, or employees. As a result we can focus on achieving our clients business objectives by planning, implementing, and recovering their projects professionally.

Resulting key benefits for our clients:

  • Through our independence, experience and relationships we are ideally positioned to help our clients find cost savings, either for existing operations or for new technology investments by exploring many (often hardly known) alternatives, including leveraging the existing investments.
  • Through our flexibility we can be responsive and complement our clients' internal capabilities with exactly the expertise they need.
  • Through our team approach we provide a holistic perspective to ensure client business success not just technical adequacy.

  • We have no pre-existing agenda, solutions or employees we need to push and can truly listen to our clients' needs, then apply our experience and capabilities to help.

  • We provide high value, very cost effective managed expert services.